Worried about starting Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu?

Attending your first Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ) class can be a daunting experience. “Will I be welcomed? Will I be fit enough? Is it too aggressive?” are all common worries.

However it’s not the closed club, 100 miles an hour, people ripping each others limbs apart sport you may have envisaged.

What happens when I enter my first class?

Firstly, at Ruislip BJJ your initial class is free, so your wallet will remain intact!

You’ll be greeted by the instructor who will ask about your experience. This will determine how hard you are pushed during the lesson and who you are paired up with during technique practice & sparring.

Ruislip BJJ has a highly communal mentality and welcomes people across all walks of life.

Will I be fit enough?

If you are new to BJJ or don’t do any other sports… you will not be fit enough (don’t worry, you won’t be the first!).

However, the classes are geared for all levels; advanced, beginners, highly fit and those that need to work on their fitness.

The instructor will gauge how you are doing throughout the class and recommend when you should perhaps take a break. Alternatively, you can select when to do so on your own accord.

Your fitness levels will drastically improve as you continue to attend class. In a matter of weeks you will see yourself take less breaks and eventually participate in the entire class.

Is BJJ too aggressive?

In a nutshell, the sport is about submitting & dominating your opponent on the ground – so yes, it is more aggressive than table tennis and ballet.

In class, you have the opportunity to spar with other students. This is where you pair up with another student,  tap hands (shake hands) and begin to try to submit each other.

Sparring is exhausting, but ALWAYS controlled. If you find yourself in a submission, your sparring partner will apply pressure slowly, giving you ample time to “tap”, resulting in your opponent letting go. You then tap hands again and continue to spar until the round ends (it’s actually a lot more fun than it sounds!).

Sparring is the best way to improve your BJJ skills, but it is optional. If you’re not comfortable to spar straight away, you’re free to observe and participate when ready.

So, still worried?

Hopefully this article has allayed any concerns you may have and you’re now determined to start your BJJ journey. If not, feel free to contact Ruislip BJJ for more information or checkout our Facebook page – we are happy to help and hope to see you soon!

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