bjj class etiquette

We operate a friendly & relaxed atmosphere at Ruislip BJJ, below are some guidelines to follow to make sure the class runs smoothly and the environment is safe for all students:

Before the class:

  1. Where possible, arrive to the jiu-jitsu class about 10 mins early so you can stretch and get ready
  2. Being on time is not always possible. Let the instructor know before jumping into the class (this helps the instructors can keep track of the numbers for drills & techniques)
  3. Avoid going barefoot off the mats, so that when you get back onto the mats the level of dirt/germs is kept to a minimum

During Technique & Drills:

  1. Pay attention when BJJ techniques are being shown, always ask questions if you are unsure of a particular piece
  2. Try mix up your partners lesson to lesson. Having a mix regularly will help you pick up different techniques & movements
  3. Drill as much as possible, the more practice the better you’ll get
  4. If you feel unwell or sick at any point of the class, tell the instructor & avoid leaving the class area on your own. This ensures you are safe if something is wrong


  1. If you’re injured try to avoid sparring (as hard as that is!), instead drill a technique or flow roll (go at 50%)
  2. If you get caught in a submission, tap early rather than delay and get injured – let go of the ego. In BJJ, everyone gets tapped: sometimes you’re the nail and sometimes you’re the hammer
  3. Vice versa, if your partner is in a submission and they’re not tapping, don’t increase the pressure. Let go and work for another position. Sparring is not a competition
  4. It’s good practice to ask for feedback or pointers if you find yourself getting stuck in the same position or submission
  5. Generally in BJJ, if you bump into another sparring pair, its the lower grades that should move away into another area
  6. Be weary of the buzzer that indicates the round start & end time. In between rounds get some water if needed and arrange your next partner as quickly as possible (rest time between rounds is usually kept to a minimum!)

After the class

  1. We usually have 5-10 mins at the end spare, use this time to ask the instructors/other students improvement areas or drill certain positions you need to work on
  2. Please ensure you have all your gear with you. Many times its your Gi or belt that gets left behind!
  3. Wash your gear after every lesson. In BJJ & Grappling, skin conditions can be caught (especially ring worm). Keeping clean prevents these types of issues

If you’re interested in starting BJJ in the Ruislip area contact us or leave your details below